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How We Work

There are 3 major steps in this whole process. The Car Wrap of Foil Service starts with the Graphics file, Printing and ends with Sticking.

Graphics Design

We ask our customers to provide a graphic design file. If they have not the file, we sit with the customer and make the car wrapping design by our graphics designer team.


We double-check and confirm the car wrapping graphics file with our customer before final printing. Once the customers confirm we go for the printing.


We select a suitable location whether in the customers’ place or in our workshop and stick/ wrap the car according to the design. This whole process handle by our skilled team.

Car Wrap and Car Foil Service in Dubai | Design Your Car as the Way You Want.

Car Wrapping is not the exact alternative to painting but it is a perfect solution for custom car design lovers. You can completely have a new look new design and artwork printed in your car. It’s the best way to make your car on that color and graphics design as you can dream. Moreover, you can also attach full-scale advertising images at a very affordable price. It is a lot more powerful and cost-effective than painting.

Car Wrapping & Car Foil is the new and best technology at this age. People are bored with the usual car colors and painting. But people don’t take the hassle of car design as it is very expensive also unsatisfying. Car Wrap & Car Foil is the perfect solution to this problem and very affordable. You can make the car as your dream. Our professional team will handle and make your car to make your dream come true. Our team members are very skilled and internationally recognized. We are dedicated to this Car Wrap & Car Foil industry. We also provide Vehicle Branding Service in Dubai.

We have wrapped more than 1000 cars and different vehicles until so far. We have international experience in Graphics Design, Sticking, Application, and working with the best Vinyl manufacturers in the world such as Avery, 3M, Oracal, KPMF, and HEXIS to ensure that your vehicle remains stunning years later. A well premium wrapped vinyl will last for up to 5 years with less maintenance rather than painting. Click Here to Contact Us.

Car Wrap and Car Foil in Dubai
Car wrapping and foiling dubai 5
car wrapping and foiling service dubai
Car Wrap and Car Foil in Dubai
car wrapping and foiling service dubai

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design the grphics

Our customers can have the choices to make the car wrap graphics design from their end or we can do it from our side as well by our highly skilled graphics design team.


Schedule sticking time

After the final demo of the sticker we ask our customers to verify the design and then we make their dream car live infront of them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Happy Customers around the UAE have suggested us to their friends and family and reviewed us in our website.

The Best Car Wrapping Service I have ever received in the UAE.  They are just wonderful and very skilled in this field.

– Zayn, Dubai

I just love Car Wrapping Dubai. They are the perfect Car Wrapping and foiling Service Provider in the whole UAE.

– Nasir, Dubai

Highly recommended. I am proudly promoting them to my friends and family. They the really Best.

– Amir, Abu Dhabi


Frequently Ask Questions


How much does it usually cost to wrap your car?

The price of the Car Wrap depends on the matte/ Stickers Quality. There are few manufacturers available in Dubai who provides the Best Matte and suppliers to us. Depending on the Cars Size and Shape we provide the best price to our customers. We offer the best price in the Dubai market with a free sample before the final printing.

Is it worth getting a car wrapped?

As you are wishing to wrap your, we assume that your car is not in bad condition. Because a bad condition car is not workable to stick and wrap. It takes very less time than painting. It only needs more brain work with the skill to fit the matte perfectly in all the edges of your car. So, Obviously it worth wrapping a car.

Do vehicle wraps damage your car?

We get this question very often that do car or vehicle wraps damage your car? This straight and simple answer is “NO”. It is completely safe to wrap or foil a car though it is vinyl wrapped or foiled.

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